Postage Stamp on the Great P.C. Sorcar issued by
the Government of India


Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal applaudes during the release of postal stamp on the Great P. C. Sorcar

February 23, 2010, Kolkata, India:

On this auspicious 98th birth anniversary of P. C. Sorcar (Pratul Chandra Sorcar), the Father of Indian magic, the Department of Posts of India released a commemorative stamp in the honor of the great man who took the magic of India to the rest of the world and captivated audience internationally. Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal said, “I have come to pay my respects to the memory of such a person who was not just popular amongst the people of our country, but also had earned great admiration and regard in the international arena.” Sorcar was born on February 23, 1913, in Mymensing (formerly in India, now lies in Bangladesh), and died at the age of 58 in Ashaikawa, Hokkaido, Japan.

Rameshwari Handa, Chief Post Master-General, West Bengal Circle said that the Department of Posts was very pleased to release a stamp on the 'Jadugar of the world' (The magician of the world) in the State of Bengal, the place where he drew inspiration and flourished for several of his magic miracles.

The honor was not the first time from the Government of India bestowed upon the great magician who put India's flag of magic atop all other nations. In 1964, he was honored with "Padmashree" (The Lotus) by the President of India, and soon after his death, the Government of India honored him by dedicating a major avenue near his residence in Kolkata (then "Calcutta") by permanently naming it "Jadusamrat P. C. Sorcar Sarani" (The Monarch of Magicians P.C. Sorcar Avenue).

Magic continues in the Sorcar family in different ways. His eldest son Prafulla Chandra Sorcar, popularly known as Manick Sorcar, cut his teeth as a stage assistant for his father's world-touring magic shows, where he also painted backdrops and designed lighting. But he never took up stage magic as he was more allured by the magic of light and art, which he mixed to create his own brand of magic. His second son, Prodip Chandra Sorcar, popularly known as P. C. Sorcar, Jr. and third son Provas Chandra Sorcar, popularly known as P. C. Sorcar, Young are highly successful magicians, both carrying out their father's Indrajal touring around the world.